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Learn How To Build Your Online Business in 8 Weeks…

… And Become a Digital Nomad 🌏

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200K+ Followers Across Social Media

300+ Live Trainings

30 Countries

If you’ve always wanted to build an online business so you can earn money & travel the world…

Laptop Lifestyle Program is for you:

Even if…you have no experience in content creation or earning online income before

Even if…you are a part-time freelancer who is just starting out

Even if…you are camera shy and only comfortable with text or graphic-based content 

You will learn everything about creating a fun, sustainable, income-generating machine that pays you an extra $1,000… or $10,000… every month by just working on the weekends!

A program designed for you to become an internet entrepreneur with 100% location-independent online business

Proven Strategies

From my $1800/month side income project with less than 1000 social media followers to a $100K+/annum business roadmap, you’ll learn the ins-and-out of building your online business using strategies that no one shares publicly.

All-In-One Program

From detailed worksheets, word-for-word scripts, and hands-on tutorials, you’ll learn everything you need to start and run your online business. This Program is worth more than a 2-year Master’s degree.

Subscription Model

Instead of a one-off hefty fee, there is a nominal yearly subscription that gives you access to not just an 8-Week value-packed online course, but also MasterClasses, monthly “Ask Me Anything” live sessions, and a private community of like-minded people. 


In just 8 weeks, you’ll learn and implement what I have spent 5 years learning and refining. You will be on your way to go from working 10 hours a day at a job or freelance projects to being a digital nomad with a 6-figure online business.


Post-2020, we have entered what is being called a “Content Economy”.

This is the next era after the Shared Economy of the 2010s, the Social Media revolution of the 2000s, and the Internet revolution of the 90s.

In the Content Economy, Millennials and Gen Z are consuming on average 4-6 hours of content on their mobile devices across various apps.

People under 35 are spending as much as 60-70% of their waking hours interacting with the world through their screens.

This is also why the top 5 Big Tech companies (Apple, Meta, Google, Amazon, & Microsoft) are all fast expanding into becoming content companies. They are either doubling down on platforms that distribute content (YouTube, Instagram, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, LinkedIn) or creating devices that facilitate content consumption in multi-sensory ways.

The biggest opportunity of this decade is One-Person Online Business.

In mid 2017, I handed in the resignation letter for my job to start my online business journey.

I didn’t know anything about building an online business so I just posted articles & videos and wrote blogs.

Even though I made $0 for the first 6 months, I was having tremendous FUN!

I was living my FREEDOM and carving my own life doing something meaningful and fun. I felt nothing but satisfaction, joy, and happiness.

And then slowly, as I learnt about building an online business, I started seeing results come in.

I made my first $1800 in online income 6 months after launching my first online product: a digital course.

This was Jan of 2018.

In total, I ended 2018 with about $20K income.

Earning that $20K CHANGED everything! I knew that nothing will ever be the same again.

Next year (in 2019), I made over $100K in online income… and that too while travelling across Europe and Asia, sometimes camping at exotic places and other times diving at some of the most majestic dive sites in the world.

I had found my spirit of adventure! I was able to bid farewell to a caged job life and build a 6-figure online business.

I became a full-time online businessman and a Digital Nomad.

Fast forward 3 years, I now have 3 online businesses — Digital Nomad Academy, AustraliaYours & Ultimate Academy — with 5 online courses, a calendar full of speaking engagements, and a total of 25K+ students have been trained by me across different verticals.

In the process, I’ve also generated an audience of over 200K+ followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

What was even more exciting for me as I became a Digital Nomad was the fact that wherever I went in the world, I saw hundreds of other young ambitious people living their own laptop lifestyles as well.

So many 20-year-olds & 30-year-olds from across cultures and countries in the last 5 years have become part of this new-age of Digital Nomad revolution.

Countries from Malaysia to Greece to Mexico have launched their own specific Digital Nomad Visas, and wherever I go from Bali to Istanbul to Berlin, I see dozens of co-working spaces spring up every year — filled with people living their dream laptop lifestyles.

This means wherever I go now, I always have a community — friends to share a coffee with when working from aesthetically gorgeous cafes, to sharing gear with when hiking, paragliding, rollerblading, or surfing at my bucket-list locations.

Hi, I Am Waqas Hassn

Multiple Online Businesses

I’m based in Australia and currently running 2 online businesses – Digital Nomad Academy & Ultimate Academy.

Before that, I lived in Singapore for 7 years and graduated with a Double Major from the National University of Singapore (Asia’s #1 ranked).

Digital Nomad -- 30 Countries

Since 2017, I’ve travelled to 30 countries – sometimes chasing adventures and other times working from co-working spaces and exotic cafes.

I’ve also conducted over 300+ live and online trainings, that have been attended by thousands of students across the globe.

How To Build A Successful 6-Figure Online Business in 2023 & Beyond?

Over the last 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a following from scratch, provide value consistently, and monetise in a non-spammy way.

I’ve spent over $50,000 in just digital marketing, online courses, and testing new methods to try and find the secret sauce that helps grow location-independent online business.

It is one thing to create videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or write articles on LinkedIn and hope that one day you’ll go viral and maybe make a $100 in ad revenue or get a free bag from a sponsor.

It is also one thing to have a profile on Fiverr or Upwork and spend 8-10 hours doing gigs only to earn a mere $300-400 after a month of hard work.

And it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT thing to create an online business and sustainably make $5-10K/month by just working on the weekends.

When I launched my first ever digital product, I made $1800 with just 950 followers.

In the last 5 years, I’ve created more digital products and learnt to automate the entire process so that I can make $10K+ month-in month-out even when I’m travelling the world… or busy sleeping!

(My inbox with actual sales of over $3000 from one of my online businesses from 1am to 10am while I was asleep)

All through the journey, I developed, tested, and refined online business models to find the winner’s formula.

A method so simple and easy-to-implement that anyone with just the hunger to win can implement irrespective of their age and skill level.

I have discovered that it all comes down to this 3-part system:

1. Understanding how Content Economy works — what is it that you already know that other people find useful. No Amazon, Alibaba, or manufacturing required.

2. Productising your idea — finding a market niche that you can provide value to and reaching the right target audience even when you have zero followers or never created content before.

3. Building an automated sales machine — using digital marketing tools to automate everything from content creation to email marketing so you can free up your time and keep generating income while travelling the world.


I personally guarantee you that once you learn to follow this 3-part system, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine.

You will free up your time, generate a lot of ‘passive’ online income, and you will travel to all the places you ever wanted to… and that too without a return ticket 😉

Most of all, you will get messages from thousands of people whose lives are being changed by you and who are inspired by you. Who want to become like YOU!

The 3-part system is simple but it is NOT easy.

It took me about 2 years to predictably reach $10K+ per month of online income.

Chances are it will take you the same time if you start today on your own and work 8-10 hours a day as I did.

This program of mine – Laptop Lifestyle – is designed to save you that time.

In this 8-week program, you’ll learn how to create your digital products and set-up an online business ecosystem that helps you free up your time while increasing your income by 5-10X.


In the Laptop Lifestyle Program, you will learn and implement the ENTIRE process of building your own location-independent 6-figure online business.

By the end of 8 weeks, you'd have...

Learnt psychology of online business — so you can get out of the rat race of freelancers or 9-5 jobs and become a 6-figure location-independent business owner.
Found your target audience — who not only pays you but also sends you “thank you” messages for adding value in their lives. 
Completed hands-on masterclass tutorials from digital marketing to email marketing, everything is included in it. This is the ONLY program you will ever need.
Learnt to automate your business so you can free up your time and travel the world, or keep earning money even when you’re sleeping!
Learnt smart way of using social media so you don’t get stuck in the social media bandwagon of growing followers and instead build a small but highly paying audience from the start.
Attended power-packed 1-on-1 sessions with me on top of the full online course, you’ll have a monthly “Ask Me Anything” session with me to refine your learnings, get your doubts answered, and improve every step of your business right from scratch.

Your 8-week Learning Journey:

  • Week 1: Understanding Content Economy & Digital Nomadism
  • Week 2: Mastering the Psychology of Building an Online Business
  • Week 3: Deep Diving Into Finding & Testing Your Idea
  • Week 4: Finding Market Niche & Productising Your Idea
  • Week 5: Building Smart Social Media Strategy
  • Week 6: Setting Up Self-Running Sales Engine With Email Marketing
  • Week 7: Secrets of Copyrighting & Launching Your Business
  • Week 8: Digital Marketing & Scaling Past $10K+/Month

Program: 24 video lessons over 8 Weeks + 6 MasterClasses + 4 WorkBooks + Community Access

Method of Delivery: Facebook Private Group Subscription

Ready To Accelerate Your Life To Next Level?

3-Month Risk Free

I want the investment in this program to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, you can use the entire program for 3 months and if you still don’t find it useful, drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your subscription fee within 90 days of your enrollment 🙂

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First 500-member Offer Price


1) Laptop Lifestyle Program – my flagship 8-week online course that will equip you with all the knowledge, mindsets, tools, and strategies you need to build your very own online business and embrace the exhilarating world of digital nomadism 🌏

2) WorkBooks – these WorkBooks help you put your learnings into action 📚
3) MasterClasses – along with the 8-Week video lessons, you’ll also get access to MasterClasses to deeper your learning about building online business 🎥
4) “Ask Me Anything” sessions – Once a month, I’ll host a live Q&A session where you can ask me anything related to the course, digital nomadism, or even personal development. It’s your chance to pick my brain and gain deeper insights into the laptop lifestyle 🎤
5) Open Group Decision This is a community-first initiative. Whether it is conducting guest lectures by you or sharing valuable information that you think will help others, your sharing matters. You’ll be able to do it in this group 🙌
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I am a part-time freelancer / content creator, is this right for me?

Yes! Laptop Lifestyle Program is designed in a way that it teaches you how to productise the service you are providing as a Freelancer – or niche you are creating content in as a hobby – into an Online Business.

Even if you have just started your Freelancer or Content Creation journey, this is suitable for you.

I am doing a full-time job, is this for me?

Yes! The program is designed in a way that you are able to just work 3-4 hours on a weekend to build an online business that makes you an extra $3-5K/month. You can take this program, start your side business, and only leave your job once your business starts making more income than your job.

I am a student, is this right for me?

Yes! This program is designed in a way that you are able to just work 3-4 hours on a weekend to build an online business that makes you an extra $3-5K/month. You can take this program, start your online business with your studies, and then scale it to $10K+ per month as you graduate from the university.

How do I access the program?

You get access to the Private Facebook Group which has all the 8 weeks of Lessons, WorkBooks, MasterClasses, and monthly “Ask Me Anything” Sessions.

What is the refund policy?

I want the investment in this program to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, you can use the entire program for 3 months and if you still don’t find it useful, drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your subscription fee within 90 days of your enrollment 🙂