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In this article, we will learn how you can write a perfect copy. I will teach you the best formula and give you different variations to tweak it to your liking.

But first, you need to know about the types of copywriting so that you can figure out which one you need to get into.

Types of Copywriting

There are broadly 3 types of copywriting:

  1. Direct Response Copywriting
  2. Brand Copywriting
  3. SEO Copywriting

1. Direct Response Copywriting

The goal of a Direct Response copywriter is to get the visitor to take the action immediately.

It may be to sign up for the email list, to download any guide, to purchase a product, and the list goes on…

David Ogilvy, one of the best copywriters of all time said, “Direct Response Copywriting is the origin of all other types of copywriting.”

This type of copywriting is most common. You see it in:

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Sales Pages
  3. Video Sales Letters
  4. Newsletters
  5. Email writing
  6. Social Media Ads, etc.

The main motto of this copywriting is to articulate the problem of the consumers and provide them with relevant solutions.

2. Brand Copywriting

Brand copywriting is used to portray the image and identity of the Brand.

The main goal of a brand copywriter is to craft the brand’s overall vision, mission, values, and principles.

Brand copywriting takes care of how your website or social media accounts look to the audience from the outside and maintains that image through time.

3. SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a technique used to position the product on Google.

The key difference between other copywriting and SEO copywriting is that SEO copywriters will be using the right keywords to position their product or service.

In the old days, SEO copywriters used to stuff all of the keywords into their copy to position it higher on Google. But these days, due to various changes by Google algorithms, your content is ranked higher if it has the right keywords but at the same time is a compelling read for the reader.

How To Write A Copy That Sells Like Crazy

Now that you know the various types of copy, it’s time to know how to write a compelling one.

This structure is a proven formula to succeed at writing a perfect copy:

  • Headline
  • Opening
  • Credentials
  • Offer
  • Testimonials
  • Value Justification
  • Risk Reversal
  • Urgency

1. Headline

Headlines are the most important part of a perfect copy. Crafting an attention-grabbing headline is also the most interesting part.

Remember that “The goal of the headline is to make people read the first line, not to sell”.

John Caples said, “If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell products”.

I even see some copywriters spend 50% of their time writing a headline because it matters. And that’s completely fine because the headline only can determine the destiny of a copy.

So how to write a headline that gets the most clicks?

These are some of the strategies you can implement to improve your overall clicks.

  1. BE SPECIFIC: The more specific your headlines are, the more clicks you get. Begin by specifying the problem you’re solving and calling out the specific customers.

            Example:  “How to Earn money online?” [or]

                            “How to Earn money online as a College Student?

           The second one gets the most clicks because it is specific.

  1. PROVIDE EVIDENCE: Craft a headline that provides proof that what you’re saying is correct.

           Example: “10 tips to lose fat”  [Or]

                          “Science-backed10 tips to lose fat

           By adding proof (science-backed) you can tremendously improve the clicks.

  1. INCLUDE NUMBERS: Adding numbers to a headline improve the clicks dramatically.

          Example:   “Tips to Increase Conversion Rate” [or]

                             “7 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate”

  1. MAKE IT INTERESTING:  Hint about something interesting in the headline that the readers have to read the whole thing to know.

           Example: “This new technique can improve your overall metabolism” instead of

                           “Techniques to improve your metabolism

2. Opening

Now that you’ve hooked them, the next thing you do is make them feel that they are in the right place.

One technique you can use for this is to make the reader imagine.


Imagine waking up at the time you like, without an alarm clock. Imagine having a lazy cup of coffee and scrolling through your inbox to see the sales you have done overnight.”

By giving a visual image for them to imagine you can help the reader to stay engaged with your copy.

3. Credentials

Here in this part, you tell the reason why your reader should listen to you.

They have got a million other stuff to read so why should they listen to you? This is the question your copy should answer to be perfect.

At this stage, you can talk about yourself, your company, your clients, and much more to make your reader claim that you’re credible enough to work with.


I have got 1000+ clients from all over the world working with their laptops doing what they love instead of going to a 9-5 job. That’s the kind of lifestyle that you should be aspiring towards if you’re passionate about your life.

4. Offer

In this part, you tell your customer what they’re going to get by purchasing your product or service.

Also, tell them the reason why they should buy the product/service from you instead of from the 100 other businesses.


“You get proven step-by-step strategies with an action plan that you can run away with and start creating your own laptop lifestyle in 3 months.

Make sure your customer is saying “yes” to every line of your copy. You want them to agree to every part of your copy. You want their heads to nod to your words.

5. Testimonials

So you have claimed that you’re going to deliver the above-said results. But why should your customers believe that?

That’s why you need to give them third-party validation.

What have other customers experienced through your product? How did their problem gets solved after buying your service? How have their lives changed? These questions are answered by placing your testimonials after your offer.

6. Value Justification

The only objective of this part is to make your customers trust that this product is a no-brainer and they have got nothing to lose.

You can compare your product with any other materials to show how your product is more valuable.

You can use the copy here to make your readers understand that life is going to be a lot tougher if they don’t buy your specific product/service.

They need to have this thought in mind “Oh god! I really need this product.

7. Risk Reversal

Risk reversal is one of the biggest weapons you can use in copywriting. This means that you have to give your customer the option that if they don’t like the product in any way, they can return your product.

Most entrepreneurs are afraid that more people will take advantage of this and return it.

The answer is YES. Few people will always be like that. You can’t change them.

But the loss caused by those few people is insignificant as compared to the more sales you get because of it.

So always provide your customer with a money-back option.

8. Urgency

Lastly, you create urgency to make your copy perfect.

Most people don’t purchase until they are near the deadline.

You need to use copy to give your potential customers a reason why they need to buy your product right now.

Procrastination kills sales.

Give them a solid reason to buy your product right now. This can be exclusive bonuses, discounts, or a limited enrollment window.

By employing all these factors in your writing, you will be able to write a perfect and effective copy that brings revenue day in and day out to your business.

I hope you use this framework above to start increasing your sales overnight.

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