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Let’s be honest about it. The ultimate goal for everyone starting their Personal Brand is to earn money. 

In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 ways through which you can start monetizing your Personal Brand. 

The more difficult the way, the higher the returns are going to be.

Let’s dive into it! 

1. Free Upgrades

Being an influencer will get you free upgrades at hotels and flights all around the world. 

I have gotten so many hotel upgrades for free that I can’t even count.

On flights, you can also get promoted to at least premium economy. 

Getting business class is a game of demand and supply. If there is a lot of supply of business class, they will give that to you as well.

It is important to note that these perks don’t come on their own. You have to ASK for them.

Here is how you can go about it.

Whenever you go to a hotel counter or any flight counter, say something like this: “I’m an influencer I’ve been traveling around the world. And I give shout-outs to flights or hotels. I was wondering if you have spare capacity and if you could upgrade my room/flight, and in turn, I will give you a shout-out. I have about 5,000/15,000 /50,000 followers on XYZ social media.”

It is really that simple.

You just do it again and again. You’d be surprised to see that the person at the counter doesn’t have free time to verify which countries your followers are from or what kind of content you are making. They will just be happy to accommodate you.

Do understand that the success rate in this is about 50%, but that is perfectly fine.

You won’t directly earn money through this method. But once you are regular at it, you realize you earn thousands of dollars worth of benefits every year by just getting premium upgrades for free.

2. Influencer Shoutouts

This takes a little bit more effort and the returns are in actual cash.

Basically, there are third-party websites that act as match-making platforms between companies and you. You can just google for influencer shout-out platform, influencer shout-out hub, or influencer marketing platform.

Some companies are a couple of months old while some are huge multinational companies. They have some requirements and after meeting them, you can participate in a challenge like creating a video or posting a picture using this product.

You must submit your entry upfront and if you are selected you could earn from $50 to absolutely anything.

It is a good place to experiment since it is not very crowded with competition.

This way you can slot in a few promotional campaigns every month in your brand and make a decent side income.

3. Group Masterminds

This is where you start to earn big money.

In this method, you put a message out there to your followers saying that you are doing a Group Mastermind.

It could be the topic around which your Personal Brand is centered.

You announce it will be free to join for the first trial.

If you have 10,000 followers, there will be around 30 to 100 people signing up depending on your engagement.

The goal here is to conduct a 1-2 hours Mastermind where you share value and ask the attendees to ask you questions.

By doing so, you build your knowledge base and experience.

Finally, ask the attendees for testimonials. 

Now a month or so later, you launch the second group mastermind in the exact same way but charge money for the entry fees by showcasing the previously collected testimonials.

Even if 15 people sign up for it out of your 10k followers, you have already got the ball rolling!

You will gradually learn through the process and you understand their psychology better. You do that again, two-three weeks later, or a month later. 

This time you offer them a four-session program, one call per week for one hour which will be Personal Mentorship. You can charge around $50 for the entire journey for each person.

By the end of four weeks, you will understand the dynamics of your market, and the roadmap of this world.

The entire system starts picking up and before you know it, you are making $500 a month with 4-5 clients.

This is the snowball effect.

4. Digital Courses

This is the most lucrative way to earn money.

Once you start gaining knowledge and experience through Group Masterminds, you will start feeling that you understand the pains, fears, needs, and dreams of your audience much better.

In order to cater to them more and provide even higher value, you can then make a proper digital course out of that.

It can be priced between $100 to $500. I’d suggest pricing it between $100 to $200 if you are just starting.

This is where the big money is. You can effortlessly sell these courses on your own platform or platforms like Udemy. 

This is a highly scalable game.

I recommend you go through the Group Mastermind step before you reach this because it will enable you to understand the pulse of the audience.

These are the 4 ways in which you will be earning passive money in no time just through your Personal Brand. 

Enjoy the perks of your fame! 

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Hope to see you around globe-trotting one day 🙂